A photograph of my beautiful dog- BOYDEN

Here is a photograph of one of my beautiful dogs. He is a Golden Retriever X Bearded Collie. Name - Boyden - Age 12 yrs.

I've had Boyden and his sister Sophie, since they were a couple of months old. They have brought nothing but joy into my life. I've adored them from the moment they crawled into my heart on the day I brought them home from the breeder. They (particularly him) have been constantly at my heels since. The breeder sold them, as fortunately for me they weren't pure bred.

I can't believe the dogs are twelve years old. Where did the years go? Mostly in wonderful walks, love and friendship.

A few weeks ago I had a terrible shock, I found a huge lump on Boyden's front leg. It hadn't been there the day before. We rushed him to the vets. Diagnosis - a snake bite- he was issued with lots of medication and instructions. He did seem a little woozy for a few days and then he perked up. I realise now it must have been the medication.

The lump stayed. Worried we had a second opinion. Diagnosis-an inoperable tumour, it's far too large, and Boyden is far too big a dog to have his leg removed. They don't know what type the tumour it is.

Devastating news at the time, but slowly I've come round to thinking maybe it is a benign tumour? Perhaps it won't spread further up his leg, it might just stay as it is.

He is a happy dog, not in any pain, he loves his walks, my chair, and his food. Oh, and he still has that naughty streak.


Boyden passed away on the 7th July 2013. My heart is broken.

RIP my wonderful friend

I will always love and miss  you.